Here at Total Body Health we believe that where possible prevention is better than cure and we explain this by using the car as an analogy for the way the body works at a basic level. It is better to keep the engine ticking over than going in for major repairs, although often these are unavoidable.

To achieve a smooth-running engine requires a holistic approach too. It needs the right quality of fuel at the right intervals, regular use, and a good run periodically to clear it out.

Day to day maintenance is essential, with regular MOTs and servicing. As the vehicle ages, more attention will be required for specific parts such as the suspension (think: back, hips, knees, and feet). These parts need more cushioning than when the car was new, and it needs to be driven carefully over uneven surfaces.

As the car gets older, we need to make sure that we do not overload it as extra weight will slow it down significantly. It may not have the power needed to cope with hills, or be as agile through country lanes.

The vehicle must be sufficiently lubricated at all times or the engine seizes up and stops functioning. However, we do not always recognise the importance of hydration and often fail to drink enough water. This clogs up the insides.

Maintaining the right temperature is important. Too hot, and overheating occurs. Too cold, and it will not function properly and efficiently until it is warm enough. It will use more fuel under these circumstances, but for humans, this is beneficial if we want to lose weight (think ice baths and exercising in the cold).

Why do 2 cars of the same model, age, mileage and type not perform the same way? It depends entirely on how they have been looked after.

With reference to our bodies, whilst infinitely more complex, the principle is the same. Look after your body, invest in it, and it will look after you for a long time.

Your health impacts your wealth, time, relationships and quality of life.

At Total Body Health we will assess and continuously monitor your overall fitness using our Body Scanner and Heart Rate Variability Monitor. This gives you visual feedback on a graph showing your progress at each visit. We will tailor an individual programme that looks at:

  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Lifestyle

This ensures that you are at your best to achieve your full potential.

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