How are you doing?’…’I’m good / fine thanks’

How many times a day do we hear or say these words?

A few days ago, a relatively new friend asked me how I was and I replied as above. To my surprise, their response was ‘No you are not, it’s my job to know’. This got me thinking, because I was actually having ‘one of those days’, when I was not at my best. If someone who did not know me that well could pick that up and cared enough to delve deeper, how different could life be if we were so intuitive that we knew when to probe more deeply? What might we discover?

If someone has a broken leg, we might ask what happened?  How did it happen? However, if someone is in mental or physical pain which is not visible, will they be as open with an explanation when asked how they are doing? There are so many illnesses that are invisible. This relates to a whole plethora of psychological issues labelled as mental illness such as: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, trauma, bereavement, schizophrenia, and ‘personality disorders’.

Physically, this covers a wide range of invisible conditions, for example: IBS, incontinence, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, M.E., crohn’s  arthritis, fibromyalgia, long covid, migraines.

Invisible illnesses can also have serious financial consequences. These conditions are debilitating and often prevent people from working either temporarily, or on a longer term basis. Sometimes they become disabilities. This might lead to ‘unacceptable’ sickness levels resulting in termination of employment and loss of income. This creates problems in obtaining employment and re-entering the job market…a vicious cycle which impacts relationships, confidence and quality of life.

Often people with invisible illnesses are not believed, shamed, and unfairly labelled as ‘shirkers’. This is a result of lack of awareness which needs to be corrected through education and a change in attitude.

Through our posts and blogs we want to inform people about these conditions, how to identify them early, minimise their impact and create uniquely tailored individual programmes. We support clients to operate at their optimum level and promote incremental improvements helping them to live life as fully as possible. This incorporates a complete lifestyle review covering: diet, nutrition, sleep, hydration and stress. Where possible prevention is better than curing or managing these debilitating conditions. We will work with you to ensure you attain the best quality of life you can through scientifically backed natural therapies.

If you or a loved one are are impacted by any of this, call now for a free 10 minute consultation.